Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Love is beautiful

So I watched this video when it was first released (see below). Then I watched it again today. Some say it’s an odd idea and something of no relevance. They react to it in a negative way, ‘Oh my god. I could never do that’ whilst others silently think, ‘I wish I was one of those people in that video.’

I’m sure all of us have thought about kissing or have actually kissed that cute person they saw on the bus or in a bar. But which one of us thought about the aftermath, the feelings that we’d feel or they would feel? Who even thought about that thought or that kiss, a few seconds after it happened? The video is slightly awkward to watch as each pair build up towards the eagerly anticipated kiss, but when it happens, all sense of uneasiness flutters away and you’re left watching these strangers engage in an activity that bares naked emotion, love and enjoyment to anyone who will watch.

I often talk to my parents about my concern for the growing number of emotionally inept people in society, some of who are people I know. We are human, we should be able to touch our emotion just like we can touch an object. For me, this video was beautiful because it illustrates how powerful raw emotion can be between people that are willing to embrace it. It is unbiased because they are complete and utter strangers and this highlights even more, the sheer trance that some of these people seem to fall under when kissing their stranger.  They enjoy that moment, for some it seems like a few moments, but in the end, something as small as a kiss brought two people together that would’ve otherwise remained complete strangers.

By talking about this, I’m not saying I think it right to go and kiss everyone. You don’t exactly want an angry husband or wife coming to give you a knuckle sandwich. And by entitling this piece ‘Love is beautiful’ I didn’t wish to say that the people in the video are in love. But love comes in different forms, be it friendship, companionship, well wishing, whatever you like. Love is just an emotion like hate but the core of it is positive. So any form is love will always be good, beneficial and wholesome. The beauty of this video confirms that love is present even in the unknown, in every kiss that every stranger shares. The video doesn’t lie, and even if they were actors, a good actor wouldn’t lie in his performance.

In focusing on this video, I would propose that everyone watch it to come back to reality and see people for what they are without all the materialistic add-ons. We’re simply human beings and without emotion, we are truly nothing but a bag of skin and bones.