Monday, 21 April 2014


Upon my very recent return to the UK from beautiful and sunny France, I couldn’t help but feel slight melancholy that I was no longer a resident of the land of wine and baguettes. What on earth could possibly cheer me up? Make me feel a tad better? A trip to the eyebrow lady of course! After weeks of untamed brows and sprouts of unwanted hair, the relief of those two caterpillars being shaped and preened was indescribable. Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m a Frida Kahlo-esque eyebrow-loving lady. I’m a big fan of a thick and arched brow - Cara Delevigne, eat your heart out. In this short but informative post, I wanted to share my own eyebrow grooming habits and recommend a few essential products to perfect, highlight and set your brows.


By way of shaping your brows, I swear by threading. I’m a threading minion. It has quickly become a popular phenomenon and the days of people giving you a bewildered look when ‘threading’ was mentioned are long gone. Not to offend those waxing and plucking lovers, but if you are in search of a brow that is well defined with a clean finish, threading is the way to go. I find that waxing restricts you to very few brow shapes, whereas threading allows for room to manoeuvre.  Like any beauty treatment, a good beautician is a must and they are always challenging to find. Once you do find one, stick with them. Fortunately, London is brimming with salons, be it on the high street or in Selfridges. My recommendation for someone who is going for their first appointment is to head toward Blink Brow Bar, Shavata Studio or a HD Brow salon. Here you will find professionals who you can trust to tame your eyebrows rather than hack them all off!  High street salons are never off the cards, but make sure you can trust your beautician and maybe for safety, start with the removal of a little hair so that you can see just how good their skills are.


After the shaping of the brow, there are certain steps one can take to boost the image of their brows. The first step to brow grooming is to own a spooley. A small brush, which has an end resembling a mascara tip. There are many on the market but at the moment I love the Daniel Sandler brow groomer - the bristles are soft enough for a good combing and shaping. After combing your brows, setting the shape is very important to keep the brow intact for the rest of the day. I am a gigantic fan of Talika because, 1. They are French and 2. They invent brilliant products for eyebrows and eyelashes. I am mad about the Talika eyebrow extender, a gel, which comes in light and dark brown, and the formula includes miniscule volumising fibres to help fill out any sparse patches and fixes shaping into place. The gel leaves no residue and no harsh colors which a pencil might, and keeps brows in place regardless of if they are touched or not. Other brands such as Benefit and Sleek also do excellent brow kits which achieve a similar result. Last not but not least, a concealer or a product, such as the YSL Touche Éclat, does wonders at adding definition and radiance to your brows, making them a stand out feature on your face.


As a regular threader, I would advise you to leave your brows for 2-3 weeks and let them grow out slightly and repeat the threading process after the third week. However, if you hate the random hair, battle a busy schedule or you know you won’t be able to see your therapist till the next month, plucking is the best option to maintain your perfect brows. Plucking as soon as you see a hair growing will prevent the shape from becoming scattered and lines will remain clean and without a shadow.

Apart from the above, brows that suffer from fine or light hair, there is always the option of a tint. Now, by no means am I advising someone who is beach blonde to go and tint their eyebrows jet-black. This is the beauty of having eyebrow and eyelash tinting so readily available in a large number of salons across the world! Every good beautician will be able to advise on colours that are available and normally, you will be able to go a slight shade darker so that the tint looks natural. 

After a happy visit to the eyebrow lady.

Got to love a high arch.

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